Review of Black & Decker LCS1020/LCS1240 Electric Chainsaw

Black & Decker LCS1020/LCS1240 electric Chainsaw are two notable cordless chainsaws that offer the closing in power and portability. both fashions function a powerful lithium ion battery and a top rate low kickback bar and chain. There are a few critical variations between the two chainsaws, however. This overview will element the functions, execs and cons of each version.


both electric powered chainsaws provide a premium Oregon low kickback with chain for developing rapid, smooth cuts. Oregon is understood for designing bars and chains that minimize vibrations, generating easy cuts. this option is a specific advantage of both models. A special wrap across the manage of each models is designed to offer most consolation and control.

both the LCS1020 20V and LCS1240 40V are lightweight and easy to handle at simplest 7 and 11 pounds, respectively. A max lithium ion battery affords up to 5x longer usage, and the stepped forward oiling device makes checking the oil degree clean – clearly use the gauge supplied at the clear window. The blade tensioning device doesn’t require any equipment or guide oiling. This permits for less complicated operation and quicker modifications.


The Black & Decker LCS1020 20V and LCS1240 40V are designed for max portability and maneuverability. Their lightweight, cordless layout makes it easy to complete projects in a extensive sort of places and situations. The best backpacking saws share some quality saws for us. The powerful lithium ion battery approach you don’t need to sacrifice strength for portability; each models are terrific for heavy jobs like reducing through live logs and dry timber.

The differences between the two fashions lie specifically of their power and size. The LCS1020 20V runs on 20V MAX, whilst the LCS1240 40V operates on 40V MAX. Black & Decker’s 20V MAX system is used in more than 20 outdoor equipment. The 40V MAX gadget presently powers 6 specific out of doors merchandise.

As far as length, the LCS1020 20V features a 10-inch bar and chain at the same time as the LCS1240 40V 40V has a 12-inch bar and chain. Which one you pick out will rely on the type of slicing jobs you need to carry out.

The very last difference among the LCS1020 20V and LCS1240 40V is priming. The LCS1020 20V uses a traditional primer, whilst the LCS1240 40V eliminates priming altogether. The chain at the LCS1240 40V is continuously lubricated.