Free Root your Android with Towelroot APK

Hello everybody! The greater part of you have likely officially found out about this, yet for the individuals who have not, I figured I would post up the data.

Simple Method of Root:

XDA Recognized Developer @geohot has built up another root technique that so far is working for some, numerous devices…Including our own!!! What’s more, trust me, it simply does not get any less demanding than this!

Look at Geohot’s unique string here on XDA: I’m setting up a gathering and you should come to towelroot v5 apk here

Bear in mind to at any rate click his Thanks catch, and consider giving to him on the off chance that you can. There was an abundance begun for establishing the Verizon and AT&T S5’s, and they, at last, got their desire! Also, geohot gets the opportunity to guarantee an about $19,000 abundance!!! Astounding stuff! For the individuals who may not be comfortable with his past work, he was the first to escape the iPhone/iPod, and in the event that I am not mixed up, he did likewise with the PS3!

So in any case, you are here to root your gadget, no? I surmise we ought to continue ahead with it at that point!

This is affirmed to take a shot at 4.3, NC2 firmware for the T999, just as 4.3 and 4.4.2 KK firmware for the I747! It should work for the T999V firmware discharged today, and for the forthcoming KK updates to the T999/T999L/T999N!